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The Alastrian Scale
A Journey Through the Numbers

(Alastria: "to the stars")

Version 1.77

(stay updated as we all learn more)

I started on this journey like most of us do. With wonder. I would see the numbers 11:11 on my watch or on my computer's date just a little too often. I also had some help from my friends and my Aunt who is a spiritual healer. Around my 16th birthday, she sent home a pamphlet about 11:11 - how special it was, heralding the coming of the new age, how it was supposed to unlock some cosmic trigger that would enlighten us all.

I was and am very skeptic of the new age trip. It seems just a little too flowery for me. I eventually started my own investigation and did away with most of the literature and spiritual materialism. I was after the hard-edged truth.

But I kept seeing these numbers at odd and coincidental times. I wasn't the only one. I would see these numbers referenced in commercials and in high-budget movies and shows. 42 was everywhere. So I knew that I wasn't the only one seeing these numbers. Or, yes, it might just be a fancy coincidence. But after 19 years... yes the gig is up. We are seeing these numbers everywhere. And it seems there is a special purpose to them.

I don't think sharing all my crazy number stories would really be that interesting... so I'm only going to share the system with you and let *you* go on the journey yourself!

First of all... I didn't come up with this system. It was taught to me. By who? By the numbers themselves! Some say... "Why be a slave to the numbers? Don't use the scale... just be free." I used to be one of these people. However, now that I understand the whole system, or the whole scale, I realize that its a form of enlightenment for our present stage of development. It lets us control the very vibration of our souls or energies... quite specifically. *However*, I understand that thinking about these numbers are basic discriminations - they are not and never will be the ultimate truth.

The ultimate truth is indiscriminatable... it can never be soiled or contaminated by any *is*ness. Its completely free and void of any style, system, process, thought, etc. It can never be reached by any system or scale. Remember that always. In fact you may choose not go on this power journey at all. So leave some room for that possibiliy too. I find however that using both paradigms works well. I use the numbers but I also return to the fact that: they are not the ultimate truth. They are an aid - that is all.

Everyone is going to have their own experiences with the numbers. And I am always learning new tricks to them. So I am not a know-it-all when it comes to the scale. However... I will give you the basics and you can go from there. You can find your own way into the "matrix"! :-P

Lets start easy. I will outline the numbers 0-100 which for all intensive purposes is all you will ever need so that you know what is going on. You will find these numbers everywhere. The world is full of numbers! They are on cars, on billboards, on houses, even on soda bottles.

It's easy to look at a number and say "Oh it's just a stupid number."

But what if the Change has already happened and you are just finding out? The change that says everything is connected now. There are no more coincidences. We might just be in Heaven after all and we didn't know it. What if Heaven spoke the language of the universe? Which is Math. The numbers we see might just be connected too!

So having a little faith is a requirement to having a conversation with Heaven. You have to have faith that the numbers you see have been put in front of you for a reason. Just a little faith goes a long way. The numbers themselves will carry you into Heaven themselves.


1-9 The Axioms

1 through 9 are the digits that make up the axioms of all the numbers that you will see on your synchronicity journey. 1-4 are female numbers or the feminine side of the scale. 6-9 are the male numbers of the scale. 5 is always right in the middle kinda like a neutral or a stay free zone. That is why the complete middle of the 0-100 scale is not 50 - its 55. Its right in the middle.

female 1 2 3 4 -5- 6 7 8 9 male

Zero is always zero and is left blank. It just enumerates the scale you are on and gives it the void where the Spirit can hang out in. You just can't do away with zero. The void is necessary.

A strong female number is 1. A strong male number is 9. And 5 is always just a free zone where the scale pivots.

These numbers will show up for you in your day to day life! Use them... learn from them. BUT, you don't need to see them to USE them. You can use them by just bringing them into your mind!

11-19 The Task

There seems to be a purpose for these numbers. I think they are like ladders we can use to build that enlightened society. So according to the numbers, 11-19 are task numbers.

11 happens to get your attention. There is something that needs doing! You'll probably see this number a lot when the Spirit wants to get your attention. 1111 right? We need your help if we are going to get this society out of the dark ages! :-)

12 happens when we turn a little corner and the Spirit says... "Yeah, I got your attention now." and you start saying "Maybe there is something happening huh? 11s and now 12s?" Its like a little boost - like a little sword. It kinda opens the door to the magic. So 11 is the Spirit knocking. 12 is the Spirit opening the door to POSSIBILITY.

13 is a beautiful number. Its nice and deep. Can you feel it? When any 3 happens you're in luck! It means you're in collusion with the Spirit. Its kinda like going through the door into a new room. But this also requires faith. So faith is always a 3. All kinds of things happen with 3s. It means you're in!

14 is a very special number. Some say its like a weapon. I rather think its like a boon. It protects you - almost like a mother would. It is a female number after all. It sort of gives your dream a special place to exist inside of. Its kinda like the Spirit saying "Yeah, he's with me! Back the heck up!" :-)

15 is a special number. All these numbers are leading up to something. The Spirit is bringing you "in" so that it can help you evolve and so that you can do her work! Hey magic ain't free! When you see that 15 - that is the middle of the Task Scale. Its kinda like a place where you take responsibility for what you are about to do. "Think about your Task. Own up to it." You might say "Wow! That is a great idea I just had." Then you'll see that 15. Prepare to manifest and actualize your dream! 1115 North Ocean man! The meeting before the reckoning.

16 is a great great number. It means get to work! Superman was a 16er. All heroes are 16ers. 16 is the number where you actually get work done. The reckoning. "The process of estimating one's current position based upon a previously determined position, or fix, and advancing that position." You work on your task to bring it into fruition. Imagine a pot of slow cooking soup. It just simmers there hour after hour. That is a 16. So when you see it... the Spirit is saying "WORK BABY!"

17 happens when you've accomplished something! It means all your hard work is done and now its time to kick ass! Wasn't the Starship Enterprise called 1701? It was man's first step into the stars after "figuring it out" right? So 17 is like a brand new forged sword or yeah a starship in action! It means you are using your hard work to further. So 17 is perfection in action. It has a 7 which is perfection and its on the Task Scale. What is a task but action?

18 is one beautiful number. Its full of love and grace. When you see it you know that you are out for a ride. You've come a long way and now you're in Glory! All that hard work finally gives fruit. Some people call it chocolate. So 18s are always very sweet. All 8s are. ;)

19 is the crown. When you see 9s it means you are on the very upper side of the scale which usually means a sort of finality. Its a very powerful number. And its also very simple. You're being crowned by the Spirit for a task completed.

21-29 The Sword

The 20 scale is a very powerful scale. You will actually see the Spirit manifest physically - move things around for you - in this scale. It is known to be associated with the Father side of the Family. 22 is the Father's lucky number.

All these numbers are very abstract and like you I am also still learning what they all mean. Here is what I know about the 20 scale.

20s are the numbers of the Warrior. It means you dawn on your suit and prepare to confront the unknown. Being a warrior does not mean we act violently. It means we organize our lives to so that we are always prepared to travel into the abstract and the unknown.

21 is like being reminded of your power. You are a dreamer and you have been licensed by Heaven to her work.

22 is the number of the sword. When I see 222 I know that is Power. It's a female number surpisingly. It seems that 222 is a very classy way of handling Power. We are reminded of the Goddess, the Rose, the quest for freedom, and to help everyone,not just ourselves.

23-26 I am sure there are intrinsic mysteries specific to each of these numbers. However... I think they are like the sword being sharpened more and more. When you are in a tough spot, Heaven might send you a 26 for example. This is something like "Ok, we're going to push through with a 26. Let's cut through this shit."

27 seems to be the threshold where the Spirit will actually quite physically manifest into your life. Playing with 27 means you are a very powerful person. If it shows up repeatedly... well you don't need me to tell you what it does. Be careful...! Reality will organize around you!

28-29 I have been in a jam where I was sent 29s. It was a moment of complete Power. Negative energy was moving in. And me and Heaven where kickin ass with 29s.

31-39 The Boost

The Boost will take you from your everyday world into the Spirit world - "into the dream". Sometimes I like to think about it like "juice". It will take you from your mundane world into the more dreamy realms of the Spirit.

31-34 usually means... "Take it easy. We only need a little boost to stay in Heaven."

If the negative energy is very heavy then Heaven will usually send 39s and fill you will super powers.

30s certainly have to do with energy. It's like how much energy you need to stay in the dream.

36 is a very nice number I get often. It means "lets go baby!"

41-49 The Dream

The 40 scale is obviously the most known and talked about. We all enjoy day-dreaming and skipping on clouds right? :)

41 - is like the Spirit tapping to the door. Since it's on the 40 scale it's something like saying "Are you ready to dream baby?"

42 opens the door to the dream. Will you go in? 42 is always fun. 4:20 right? :o) It's like saying "We are connected."

43 means you are in! nice to get my feet up off the ground.

44 means yeah we chillin! Its a female number. Very motherly. Very loveable. She's taking care of you with an interest.

45 is a very interesting number. I've used it a lot to stay in the zone or in the dream. First off its a very very humble number. It doesn't have a beef with anyone or anything. Its completely freeeee! So staying in my 45 lets me just hang out here in the dream without colliding against anyone else or worrying! And 45 leads to 46...

46 is like a nice cabin in the woods. Its like a nice pocket where I can hang out and just be completely myself. Its so nice... I love 46. Its like coming home to myself.

47- Reminds us that we are the Universe. We are the dreaming-self of the Universe. Feel that? You are you and have always been you.

48 - The best way to describe 48 is a feeling. It is a wholesome beautiful feeling of energy. It is the knowing that your are a real Dreamer under the guise of Heaven.

49 - Is the boon. It is the boon that the Universe gives you to be a free luminous being.

51-59 Crystal Waters

The 50 scale took me a long time to learn and figure out. It has something to do with the purity of the Spirit.

Lets see if I can explain it to you... its kinda abstract.

The Alastrian scale is really a device for getting messages from the divine or the Spirit. And the Spirit is awareness. So when we come to the 50s, which are the middle of the scale, the pivot is 55. 55 means you are perfectly balanced. So if the Spirit or Guardian Force delivers messages with 50s in them it probably means you are trying to balance and access the clean refreshing crystal awareness. 55 also reminds us of clean pure water. It is where your soul dwells in everlasting wholesomeness.

For example, one time I got a crystal vision of one of my best friends surrounding me in Love. She was hundreds of miles away.I looked at the clock and it was 5:54. It was an amazing message/experience since 4s are Love.

Many powerful intentions revolve around the number 56. The number 6 is Will so it's used by the Spirit to deliver very important messages. So when 56 appears it's very important you pay attention.




61-69 The Mirror

So we've reached the other side of the Alsatrian scale huh? Being that 55 is the pivot. We're past the pivot and now into the higher numbers.

60s are fascinating numbers! I'm just going to spill the beans.

61-64 means you are sharing your dream with the world - there's me and you and everyone else.

66-69 means you are the world! The dreamer! The One.


When I first got my real 66 I was a little in ecstasy. Its the turning point of reality as we know it.

Did you know that we are Children of the Bubble? Current quantum theory is proving this! Are we part of the world? Or are we dreaming the world? Are we part of the world's creation? Or is the world *our* creation?

Can both of these paradigms exist together? Yes!

65 is the pivot... The Mirror. You can dream with others (64) or you can create your own dream (66). Which way will you go?

I wonder if there is any evidence here as to why 666 is considered the devil's number? It is a very selfish number. Its saying... "I am dreaming all of you! I am the One! This is my reality! Yay! " - well because it is! That is definately happening... even according to new quantum theory. So there is nothing wrong with that really... its just the truth. We are all dreaming our own reality. Our brains are selecting which parallel universe to create. Some scientists are now saying that the brain is just a really fancy quantum flux isolator. It isolates and brings into manifestation the reality it wants to create! The secret is learning how to use that ability. So 66-69 is that aspect of our nature.

61-64 is the other part where we reflect... "Well... maybe I'm not dreaming the world. Maybe I am just part of it. I care about everyone. I want to make them as real as me." Because they are! Its just how amazing this universe - or multiverse - is!

The Spirit sends me 66-69s sometimes when we are really dreaming. And I mean... they are out there fantastic! I am one with the cosmos. I am creating *my own* reality! How? Who knows! It's the pure will power of creation.

When I need to get more grounded I will get (or use) lower 60s. "Yeah, I care about you and everyone else." Good for family time.

Yeah, its a heck of a scale...! But get used to it... its all up from here!


71-79 Perfect Action > Belief > Faith

70s are very interesting.

The number 7 appears as a manifestation of the Spirit's perfection. For this reason there is always Joy involved with 7s. With Joy comes perfect belief. With perfect belief comes Faith.

When 70s appear we are dealing with synchronicity and the execution of perfect intent. This sounds like fate or destiny.

I've gotten a 777 at the peak of synchronicity and it delivered its message perfectly and filled me with joy.

So pay attention when 7s arrive. They are full of mystery and joy.


81-89 The East Wind

The East Wind is very beautiful. Imagine the silence of nature, pristine, beautiful, alone, deep, divine.

I use 80s to remind myself of how beautiful nature can be. When I get an 89 me and the Spirit are usually on cloud 9 just looking at each other. So close to God. So peaceful and dreamy.

A dead-on 89 would be something like 3 weeks in the deep green abadoned forest all by yourself. Just you and the Goddess or God. 89 89 89

My favorite number of all of them is 84. Its very nurturing... I can feel it since its a 4 (not as airy as a 1) and its not crazy deep. Like a butterfly dancing around a wild flower as sunlight breaks the clouds on an abandoned beach.

91-99 The Bedroom

The 90 scale is like sleeping with the Goddess or the God. Its your level of entanglement with the Spirit. Its very intimate.

When you're on 90s you know you're just Home with God or the Goddess.

91-94 are the numbers of the Goddess. The female principle taking care of you. 94 would be that she really loves you.

96-99 are the number of God. The male principle taking care of you. 99 would be the man walking besides you.


101-109 Mastership? Time Travel? Phasing?

There are so many things going on with these numbers. I've had them appear at special times when time itself seemed to bend.

For example... I had a day were I got 103s repeatedly all day. When I looked at my clock it was 3PM. I saw a 103 and then realized it was 10AM. How did that happen?

101 through 109 are very mysterious. They seem to go backwards. Maybe like anti-time.

The closer you get to 100 itself the more you are able to phase. At first phasing will happen in your sleep. You'll get special dreams that teach you how to travel to your own dynamically created realities.

As you master this technique the phenomena will begin to happen in your waking life. And these numbers will appear to help you along.

Will post again the more I learn.


It's a long road to reaching your 100. It means you've been taught many lessons by the Spirit. You've completed your task. You've been witness to many miracles and tales of Power. If you have been blessed and the Spirit has given you your 100 it means you have graduated the Alastrian Scale. Congratulations!



My first piece of advice is: let the numbers teach you! Find a little faith and take the trip. You won't learn it overnight, it will take your entire life. I will let you figure out the colors on your own! :-P And remember you yourself are going to find your own collusions with the numbers. Let them guide you. But also remember... use a pinch of salt with all of them. I mean... make some space. Just because you see a number it does not mean that is the final word! Its a play... a dance... a conversation.

Q: Why is it that when I look for "the scale" its never there? It doesn't work...

A: I think its the other way around. It will come to you... They almost always, always, happen by surprise. Unexpectancy! Divine Intervention.

Q: What if it never comes to me?

A: Then you'll never know... ;-P

Q: So what can I do?

A: Easy... you complete a task for the Spirit, for the Earth, for human kind... then it will happen just like that! *snap* "Welcome to the club!" :-)

Sometimes the numbers point the way. Sometimes they reflect what you are thinking. And sometimes they might give you choice 52 or 58? But remember... you always have the choice to not listen at all. A play... a dance... a conversation.


For me, the "numbers" have meant absolute freedom! I used to work like a slave on the 9-5. Then the numbers came for me and got me out! Together we figured out a way... and now I am free.

I don't know who invented them or what they are or where they come from! But obviously there is some power out there (God?) that is way ahead of us and is helping us to evolve through these numbers.

The numbers are there everywhere I go... I am living a miracle everyday. And they never fail. I don't know how its possible... do you? But its amazing...! I am so happy to be alive and witness to this miracle force.

If it happens to you, don't be afraid to tell someone about it or show them this site or one you created! Being rejected is the first part, but don't worry. You're not the one really being rejected. Besides, its a gift. Smile about it. Don't give in to sadness and guilt because you are now different, "powerful". Do you know of another power that can control reality this way? Its a secret. But not one to be guarded.

I hope that someday you too understand and complete a task for the Spirit.

- SP

Advanced Techniques

Here are some advanced techniques which seem to work great with the system. Remember... once you start using these techniques the Spirit will use them because *you* are aware of how to use them.

Take this number 908.

Its pretty difficult to put it on the scale. Its a 90 and an 8. So it could mean the Bedroom (90) with a hint of an East Wind (8). Better to classify it this way... which is way more accurate and powerful:

Its now a 0 enwrapped in a 98. So its pure Spirit and you are so cozy in the Bedroom.

9 (0) 8

You are that close! Nice number.


You can also break them down like this:

Take the number 457.

It could be a 45 and a 57. And it can also be a 5 enwrapped in a 47: 4 (5) 7 Get it?

In this case a 45 and a 57 would be something like: "Dream free! Be proud and dignified about it!"

Or, a 5 enwrapped in a 47 would mean: Freedom in the center (5), an ecstasy dream around it (47). Its a message...

One more example: 71569

That one I would look at and say... hmm... its a 5 inside a 16 inside a 79. To me (using the scale) the message is "work fast to bring freedom" because 79 is "break neck speed", 16 is "work!", and 5 is always the spirit in freedom.

Yep, 71 - 56 - 9 would work too... remember, its a conversation so make room.

It works! Almost too well. The scale was developed by someone beyond the power of mortal men. Appreciate it. Its perfect and it works. When it happens to you, one after the other, you'll see what I mean. There is no other word for it is there? Glory... beautiful.



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